Myotherapy for Children

Myotherapy Bayside offers a holistic natural solution to pain and injury, Children are vulnerable to specific musculoskeletal injuries that if inadequately managed or treated can progressively become worse with age.

There are many musculoskeletal injuries that can present with Children including Osgood Schlatters, Severs, Scoliosis, Spondylolysthesis, greenstick fractures, sprains and strains, dislocations and subluxations of joints along with many others. The common issue with these injuries is excessive load being supplied to the musculoskeletal system.

It’s very important to note that force is absorbed by the bodies muscles before the joints or bones get involved. This is why Clinical Myotherapy is so important in allowing your children to not only recover from an injury they sustain playing sport or just being kids. But even more importantly to recognise as a preventative natural approach to ensure your child is free from biomechanical dysfunction.

It’s biomechanical dysfunction that can be identified to be a precursor to pretty much most injuries. If your body is compensating in some way or is not able to function optimally then any additional or repetitive force being transferred through a child’s body will result in an injury to the deeper structures. Creating either a subluxation, dislocation, fracture, boney growth or inflammation.

Ideally we want to identify in our children that something is not right biomechanically before they start to get symptoms that affect them too much, It’s reassuring to know that the muscles will always get involved before the bones, joints, discs and nerves, so as parents if you can recognise the early signs and symptoms that something is right quite right you can take appropriate action and get it sorted fast and fuss free.

Muscle dysfunction will present with symptoms of fatigue, tightness and then pain in that order, if you recognise your child is consistently tired or is pulling up after activity with discomfort for longer than a couple of days, is getting cramps or spasms, is moving with obvious restriction or avoiding activity due to your child not able to move freely then it’s a clear sign that your child is suffering from musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Myo meaning muscle, illustrates that the practitioner that can best assist your child is a Clinical Myotherapist which is a musculoskeletal specialist that only provides natural treatment options and you do not require a referral from a doctor to see one.

At Myotherapy Bayside, Glenn is a Clinical Myotherapist with 16 years experience that has extensive knowledge dealing with children.

Another area where Clinical Myotherapy can assist your child in allowing them to optimise their development while growing is to assist in correcting postural dysfunctions as early as possible. Conditions known as Torticollis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Scoliosis, Headaches and Migraines can all be attributed to postural dysfunction. Clinical Myotherapy at Myotherapy Bayside can provide a variety of natural treatment options that is tailored to best suit your child along with the vital process of education to ensure that your child is not vulnerable to an injury or presentation of pain or dysfunction from returning.

Glenn from Myotherapy Bayside offers postural correction assessments to recognise areas of vulnerability, whether it is your child’s study environment needing to be corrected or prescribing exercises to strengthen the core and other postural muscles. To the design of specific training programs to tailor your child with their sport of choice, to not only prevent injury but to ensure optimal functioning of your child’s musculoskeletal system tailored for key attributes required for different sports such as agility, coordination, balance, power, flexibility, strength, speed , etc. For more information regarding this or if you wish to make an appointment with Glenn at Myotherapy Bayside contact us today.

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