Myotherapy Bayside – Joint Mobilisation.

At Myotherapy Bayside we provide comprehensive treatment for the musculoskeletal system,  this includes joint mobilisation techniques to help with the restoration of your body so you can be pain and injury free.

Joint mobilisation techniques are an effective treatment available at Myotherapy Bayside that can assist with the relief of joint pain or dysfunction.

Joint Mobilisation is a modality used to move the bodies bones gently into their correct anatomical position, this is a treatment option that is determined if appropriate by your therapist.

Joint mobilisation is a technique only utilised by Myotherapists that hold a degree qualification in Myotherapy. The technique uses a combination of rocking and gliding techniques to assist the joint to remain in a neutral position, this is achieved in conjunction with releasing the muscles that surround the joint requiring mobilisation to obtain the best results.

Joint Mobilisation

You may ask why is this necessary? What causes the bones to be in the wrong position? These are two very valid and important questions to ask. The bodies bones are held together by the bodies muscles and joints, besides dislocations of joints the cause behind the bones being in an incorrect position is from the muscles pulling the bones into a subluxed position. Therefore is it vital that the muscles around an affected joint be restored in order for that joint to remain in the correct position, otherwise the problematic muscles will simply pull the bone back into the incorrect position.

Often by releasing the muscles around an affected joint, will simply allow the joint to return back into the correct position without any additional force. Other times it is necessary to gently mobilise the bone back into the correct anatomical position. The general rule of thumb is that if the joint required a little amount of force to restore it’s anatomical position it is more likely to stay in that state, therefore if it requires a lot of force to correct the anatomical position, generally it can easily return back into that dysfunctional state.

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