Clinical Myotherapy

Clinical Myotherapy is the highest level of Myotherapy qualifications available in Australia, this term signifies a four year Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy. Glenn Austen our Myotherapist at Myotherapy Bayside holds this qualification along with having over 20 years of clinical experience, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

Clinical Myotherapy is a natural solution to musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Clinical Myotherapy focuses on restoring the biomechaincal causes of your pain or injury and is able to tailor the treatment specifically to suit your needs by utilising a variety of treatment modalities that are individually listed on this website. These include;

Clinical Myotherapy is available at the Myotherapy Bayside. Providing a complete solution for natural pain relief focusing on the cause of your pain.
Myotherapy is the specialist treatment of the musculoskeletal system, which encompasses the bodies muscles, connective tissue, fascia, tendons, ligaments, bursa, joints, nerves and bones. Myotherapy focuses on the biomechanical cause of your pain or injury and provides a complete solution for natural pain and injury treatment, management and prevention. Myotherapy Bayside is located in the bayside suburb of Frankston.
Myotherapy offered at Myotherapy Bayside is of the highest standard available in Australia, Classified as Clinical Myotherapy which signifies the completion of the Bachelor of Health Science – Myotherapy.
This provides a significant edge over other Myotherapy courses operating throughout Australia.
The significance of this for you means that you are being provided the best treatment, advise and strategies to deal with your pain and injuries. You only have to experience the difference to realise this importance.
Myotherapy offers a range of natural treatment options to provide you with a holistic approach for fast long term pain relief and a plan to resolve any musculoskeletal injury.
The Musculoskeletal system is responsible for the majority of pain we experience throughout our lives, although it is very poorly dealt with in the mainstream addressing pain as a symptom without much consideration for its cause.
Pain is your bodies attempt to communicate with you telling you that something is wrong and if we choose to ignore it by taking pain killers or anti-inflammatories then unfortunately the dysfunction present in the body responsible for the pain has no other option than to progressively get worse.

You can claim using your private health insurance extras cover for Myotherapy services, if you have any questions or would like to find out how Clinical Myotherapy can help you, please contact us on 0414 453 550 or complete the form provided.

As the director of the Myotherapy Bayside I personally suffered from intense headaches and Migraines that prevented me from playing sport when I was 12 years old, Not willing to accept that I had to suffer with the pain, I initially went to my Doctor that was unable to explain why I was suffering from them and prescribed me pain killers.
I knew myself that blocking the pain temporarily wasn’t a solution so I then went to see a Chiropractor as I had been recommended to see if they could help. I had my neck adjusted which instantly felt better although I walked outside after the consultation and turned my head to see where mum had parked the car and my neck made a clunk sound and it felt just as it did prior to seeing the Chiropractor.
As a twelve year old I knew that my muscles were responsible for all my bodies movements and as the Chiro spent no time looking at what condition my muscles were in I came to the realisation that it too was not a solution.
So I then sought out treatment from those that I knew that looked after muscles. Massage therapists and Physiotherapists, which were able to provide me with temporary relief although they too didn’t provide me with any long term relief or answers as to why i had the headaches and migraines.
Not willing to just accept that I had to continue to suffer with the debilitating pain I kept looking for answers. My philosophy is that we only get more by expecting more.
I was 13 when I then found out that Myo means muscle so I went off to a Myotherapist to see what they had to say about my headaches and migraines and it was a real light bulb moment in my life, what they were saying made so much sense as they were able to explain the cause of my pain, and provide an easy solution to help me fix the Headaches and Migraines.
It was at that point that I knew what I wanted to do as an occupation, to also help people find solutions to their pain and injuries.
Yours Sincerely
Glenn Austen