Trigger point therapy produces incredible results in alleviating pain and muscular injury. Myotherapy Bayside located in Frankston can help you when nothing else seems to help.

Trigger points are one of the major causes to pain and injury experienced throughout our lives, and the symptoms these trigger points cause us include; Pain, Fatigue, Tightness, Dysfunction or impaired mobility and eventually degeneration like arthritis.

Trigger Point Therapy is the treatment modality used to release myofascial trigger points. Trigger points are a physical pathology of the muscular system, every muscle can develop trigger points depending on how the muscles are working, if a muscle is exposed to more workload than it can tolerate the muscle will fatigue and develop a trigger point, which is the muscle shutting down and going on strike.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points need to be specifically released, no amount of massage or stretching will completely remove these trigger points, instead stretching or massage will often aggravate them.

Trigger Point therapy is a specialised skill that needs to be approached in accordance with what state the recipient’s body is in, it is vital that the trigger points be released in a way to minimise any discomfort associated with it, instead it should feel like that is what the muscle needs to make it feel and function better. Once a trigger point is released the muscle returns to being like brand new.

Most pain and or injuries involve multiple trigger points in the surrounding muscles of the affected area, it is very important that not only all the trigger points are released but that the cause of the trigger points is identified to ensure they don’t redevelop.

At Myotherapy Bayside we understand that the majority of pain and injuries people suffer from commonly are caused by trigger points that develop within the musculoskeletal system, Trigger point therapy focuses on releasing these providing targeted pain relief.

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