Benefit of pre & post natal myotherapy

Having a baby is a time of many changes, among one the major changes that comes with pregnancy is what happens to mum’s body. Amazingly the uterus is located in the bodies center of gravity allowing for the growth of baby and the size and weight that progresses throughout the pregnancy. If our uterus was located on our shoulder we would literally fall over as the baby got bigger.

The changes that progressively occur over the 40 weeks during pregnancy are often not considered in terms of biomechanical stress and the pain and dysfunction that follows once the baby arrives.

Often mothers report to of never having issues with musculoskeletal pain or injury until after having children, now partly this is due to a shift in responsibility as you now not only have to look after yourself but now a dependent ball of joy. Involving lifting, carrying, changing, feeding etc. All which compromise the functional use of your body.

The key to preventing the body from being in a vulnerable state following pregnancy is to reverse the state the body is in. To put this into context,  over 40 weeks the body is progressively changing although when baby is born after just one day the body is expected to function as it once did, along with the additional load associated with everything mentioned above.

Myotherapy Bayside provides complete care for musculoskeletal pre and post pregnancy,  one of the best things a mum can do for themselves and in turn for the rest of the family is to receive Myotherapy treatment during the pregnancy to reduce the impact the pregnancy has on the body. Or as a minimum receive post pregnancy myotherapy once the baby arrives.  Whether it’s a natural or assisted birth,  the change the body undergoes requires assistance to get you feeling and functioning at your best.

The vulnerability caused by pregnancy can lead to a wide range of musculoskeletal specific issues such as disc compression, spondylolithesis, facet joint and sacroilliac joint pathology, pubic symphysis dysfunction, pelvic floor instability,  sciatica,  thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain.

Any and all of these conditions can be successfully treated with personalised care from Myotherapy Bayside.

If you have any questions, contact Glenn from Myotherapy Bayside to discover a proactive plan for either prior, during or post pregnancy.

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