How winter affects your posture and muscles

Winters here and we’re all feeling a bit frozen, interestingly the cold can affect our posture and our muscles in ways that are worth while knowing, allowing us to better understand our bodies and how we can ensure we are feeling and functioning the way we wish without pain, tightness, fatigue. Or worst still allowing our posture to become chronically dysfunctional leading to degeneration.
Our posture can be directly affected by the cold weather by causing us to round our shoulders and hunch over, known as kyphosis. Along with raising our shoulders and pushing our head forward.
We often adapt our posture to keep our core body temperature constant at around 37 degrees.

Our body will sacrifice maintaining the oxygenation of blood to the extremities and skeletal muscles for maintaining our temperture for our organs. This postural adaptation contributes to back and neck pain and dysfunction possibly leading to headaches,  pain in the mid back and under the shoulder blades.

This occurs by overloading the musculoskeletal system and developing myofascial pain.

Myotherapy is the best treatment option for dealing with this type of issue,  with a natural and holistic approach working to restore the state your body is in and correcting your posture and ensuring that it remains that way.

Better still prevention is better than even the best cure,  so adopt these tips to help maintain a functional body that remains pain free by doing the following.
Wear layers of clothing to gain better control of your body temperature.  Wool is especially good as it maintains its insulating benefits even when wet unlike cotton.
Wear a scalf or method for keeping the chill off your neck to prevent acute muscle spasm and avoid holding your shoulders in a constantly elevated posture.
We lose the majority of our body temperature from our head and neck,  so keep yourself rugged up.

Exercising is a wonderful method to increasing our body temperature particularly resistance type training, as it increases our thermogenic rate accelerating our metabolism and having a positive affect on hormonal regulation.

Turn our palms forward to allow your shoulders to fall back and down to their neutral position, this can be achieved by imagining to hold a mandarin with the lower part of our shoulder blades,  don’t squeeze it or drop it as it won’t be any good to you then.  This is the simplest method  to ensure our shoulders are in their correct position and prevent overloading the muscles that directly affect our posture.

If our posture has become compromised then we cause our body to compensate that unfortunately leads to further overloading of additional muscles creating a domino effect, developing symptoms from fatigue to tightness, then pain and secondary dysfunctions including subluxations and inflammation and then eventuating to degeneration progressively.
By listening to our body in relation to what symptoms we are experiencing will guide us to know whether we can help ourselves or when it’s time to ask for help.
Myotherapy Bayside is your natural solution to pain and injuries so if you require help, contact us today.

Myotherapy Bayside can provide a wide range of natural solutions in relation to all types of musculoskeletal pain or injuries, providing a holistic approach focusing or treatment, education for prevention and restoration to ensure you are always feeling and functioning at your best.

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