Pain explained by Myotherapy Bayside

Pain explained by Myotherapy Bayside.

Having your pain explained is Being pain free can be a reality once you understand why you are in pain, and then become conscious what you can do about it. Discover how quickly you can be pain free permanently.

Firstly we need to understand pain. Pain is our bodies way of letting us know that something we are currently doing, have done previously or are about to do is causing damage to our body. The environment we are in helps us to understand why we are feeling pain.

Our pain threshold is a learnt experience and the combination of these processes is often why we perceive pain as a part of life. This is true but it doesn’t have to interfere with life and that is what this article is going to explore and explain.

Pain is often a by-product of some degree of trauma to the body. Our sensory system is designed to prevent potential damage to our body. This is why we know a knife is sharp before we cut ourselves or a stove is hot before we burn ourselves.

The majority of pain an individual will experience in their lives arises from our musculoskeletal system as this system harbours the majority of sensory receptors that cause us pain. The reality is that what state our body is in is a by-product of what you have done and continue to do to your body and how your body adapts to the environments you expose it to.

With particular attention to forces – our body is always absorbing force and if we distribute forces into our body in an inefficient manner, this causes our bodies muscles to fatigue and become dysfunctional with the development of trigger points that cause us pain. Furthermore if we allow our body to adapt further, the dysfunction becomes more complex thus involving other structures within the musculoskeletal system which can then cause further pain.

An example of this is when a muscle is shortened from the development of a trigger point within a muscle thus causing the body to send inflammation (which is the way the body attempts to heal itself by sending blood to the area where the muscle attaches) causing either tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis etc from the extra volume of blood then pushing onto pain receptors known as nocioceptors, thus causing even more pain.

Most types of pain have a biomechanical origin which can be explained by us at Myotherapy Bayside. The specific nature of each persons individual symptoms, majority of these forces are gradual and progressively compound over time, therefore disguising the process until then all of a sudden our body can’t adapt any more and we have no option but to experience what our body has been trying to tell us.

At Myotherapy Bayside we are here to reveal what your body is telling you and when it is explained you are able to connect the dots. Once we become conscious to something that we are unconscious of you will understand how easily you can help yourself and work with your therapist to help restore what state your body is in.

Because our body is so amazing at adapting and therefore deceiving us to think that everything is ok until ‘Bang’, it’s like the stick that broke the camels back analogy, we don’t tend to pay allot of attention to what is going on in our bodies. Or we tell pain where to go… This process of the “She’ll be right” attitude is what allows dysfunction to progressively compound, think of it like debt if we give debt time for it to grow it eventually becomes too much to bear and interferes with our quality of life.

Pain does the same thing, this is why people generally experience more pain in the later years of theirs lives, not because old age is punishing you or your body is falling apart but simply because we have had a compounding amount of inefficient forces transferring into our body and therefore progressively making our body more and more dysfunctional to the point where our body has become degenerative.

Degeneration is preventable and it is easy, we just need to not take our body for granted and understand how we can help ourselves and understand what limitations we have in being able to fix pain and dysfunction once you are already experiencing it. At this point it’s like trying to brush away a cavity.

The symptoms our musculoskeletal system causes us are progressive based on how much time we allow the dysfunction to compound, these symptoms present in the following order;

  1. Fatigue
  2. Tightness
  3. Pain
  4. Secondary Dysfunction
  5. Degeneration

The key point to understanding this background info about your body is to motivate you to do something about it, because once you know how it’s easy and you then become accountable for your own body in terms of insuring that it remains pain free and functional for you to do what you want and enjoy life.

The most important thing to do once you know this information is to expect more from yourself and the people you involve in the process of helping you. In life we don’t get more unless we expect more, if we become complacent with putting up with pain because you believe or have been made to believe from someone that nothing can be done about your pain and you have to live with it, that is the primary reason that I am writing this article and work in this profession of fixing pain. if we want answers why we have pain or want to know the best course of action after an injury, we are here to help, you can contact us for further information or to arrange an appointment to get to the bottom of your pain and or injury.


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