How to fix pain & injuries

It’s important to understand how to fix pain and injuries, whether it is back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or any other type of musculoskeletal pain or injury that is causing you discomfort or is affecting your mobility in any way.

There are many different options available to us these days which is fantastic to have such a variety of options to pick from, although it creates allot of confusion and the opportunity to be mislead resulting in disappointment and confusion.

When it comes to pain or injury that affects our musculoskeletal system, which is most pain that you will experience in our life’s. It’s vital to understand the process of pathology, or in other words what causes us pain, why are we in pain and how can we fix it.

Pain is your bodies attempt to communicate to you, informing you that something is wrong. We often don’t know how to respond to the pain signal as we generally don’t understand what the body is attempting to tell us. It’s as if someone started yelling at you in a foreign language, you’ll get the idea that something is wrong by the tone of language or the body language but you won’t be able to do anything to help unless you had a translator. At Myotherapy Bayside we are your translator, we explain the process of why you are in pain, and not only address the biomechanical causes restoring the state your body is in but better still we educate and empower you to ensure the pain doesn’t return.

The bodies musculoskeletal system contains the pain receptors that cause us pain, and the muscles are the main cause of dysfunction that can then affect our joints, nerves, discs, bones, tendons, trigger the inflammatory response and cause secondary and degenerative outcomes if we allow time to compound the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system.

We are often not conscious of this compounding process because our body has an incredible ability to adapt, preventing you from realising that your body is in a dysfunctional state. The process of musculoskeletal dysfunction that leads to pain or injury follows a specific process progressing from fatigue to tightness to pain to secondary dysfunction eventually becoming degeneration.

Understanding this is vital if we want to be pain free in our lives and give us the ability to prevent injury or degeneration.


The pathology of our muscular system therefore responsible for every type of pain or injury either directly or indirectly is the formation of myofascial trigger points.

With that being said if we truly want to be pain and injury free we need to ensure we are getting to the cause of your pain and injury by releasing these trigger points that form within our musculosketal system.

At Myotherapy Bayside we specialise with the best methods of releasing Myofascial trigger points and restoring the condition of your musculoskeletal system by addressing the biomechanical causes fast and effectively by providing a personalised level of care that will exceed your expectations and empower you to learn how easy it is to be pain free naturally.

My philosophy is that we only get more by expecting more, I see it all to often that people are suffering from constant pain and believing there is no option for them because they have attempted in the past to fix their pain or injury without success.

If you are sick of getting treatments that are only focusing on your symptoms and not what cause of your pain and injury.

Are you are fed up with the feeling you are going around in circles with your treatment without making a fast recovery.

Or if you feel as though your being ripped off or been taking for a ride when your health and wellbeing are on the line.

If you or someone you know expects more and want to understand how easily it can be to be pain and injury free, give us a call to discuss your pain or injury we are here to help.

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