Receive the best to be your best.

Receive the best to be your best is the mantra at Myotherapy Bayside.

You don’t need to put up with pain, or let you body dictate what you can do in your life.

Experience the best Myotherapy in Melbourne with Myotherapy Bayside.

Are you fed up with only temporary results or feeling though there isn’t a solution to your pain or injury. Life experience has taught me that we only get more when we expect more, if we become complacent feeling fatigue, tightness or pain symptoms are normal, or make justification as to why we are experiencing pain. Then being in a state of pain becomes your reality and worst still it then leads to degeneration of the body.

If we have tried things in the past and feel as though we aren’t getting anywhere, then we have to understand why our body is causing us symptoms, pain is your body yelling at you to do something about it, it makes perfect sense that we should listen to it and do what is necessary although often the situation is that firstly we don’t know what our body is saying, as though it’s communicating to us in a foreign language.

Myotherapy Bayside understands the body and the underlying causes of your pain and is the translator to explain everything to you in a way that makes sense, so that you can easily recognize the role you play in looking after yourself and provide you with the best available solution.

We all take our bodies for granted and it isn’t until something goes wrong that we realise that we cannot continue to do so, but to receive the best advise and the best treatment to get your body feeling great and fully functional is a confusing process.

At Myotherapy Bayside we remove any confusion, allowing you to clearly see what needs to be done to ensure you can expect more from yourself and how to be confident that your body remains feeling great and fully functional.

All too often I encounter people that have been unnecessarily being suffering in chronic pain or have an ongoing injury that has been unfortunately been misdiagnosed, mistreated or mismanaged, while they honestly believed they were getting the best advise from their health professional, doctor or surgeon.

My primary motivation is to show people how quickly and easily they can get rid of their pain and fix their injury and get on with their life, rather than believing they have to just put up with it or manage their pain with symptom producing medications or result to getting premature surgery.

Do yourself a favor and expect more! Challenge your health professional, ask questions and seek an alternative opinion. The definition of insanity is to continually to do the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

This is where Myotherapy Bayside do things differently, not only have we got a range of natural treatment options available that are tailored to suit your needs, but more importantly we focus our attention on the cause of your symptoms where everywhere else you go just focuses on the secondary byproducts of the initial dysfunction responsible for your pain or injury.

To discover how to get the results you deserve and to learn about how you can get your life back, contact Myotherapy Bayside on 03 9585 6635 or 0414 453 550, or you can fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.




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