Postural Correction is a vital component in truly fixing the cause of your pain and or injury.

Correct your posture and discover how much better your body can feel and function with Clinical Myotherapy at Myotherapy Bayside.

Postural Correction

What state that our body is in is a by-product of what we do with it and what environments we expose it too, with this being said it is therefore vital that the way we use our body be as efficient as possible, that way we don’t ask beyond what the body is capable of handling, and therefore we don’t get pain or injuries in the first place.

Correcting our posture can be very simple and easy to implement in a practical way, which is absolutely vital if we wish to create good habits and have consistently good posture.

Glenn Austen is a specialist at identifying the biomechanical cause to your pain and or injury, and can help you to become in control of your body and allow yourself to remain pain free easily.

It is important to not allow your body to adapt to environments you consistently expose your body to, but instead adapt your environment to your body. This relates to the biomechanical position your body is in when at work, when sitting, standing, sleeping, exercising and using your body doing repetitive activities, The posture your acquire and and enforce throughout these environments are the prime causes to most biomechanical dysfunction and responsible for most pain and injuries.

At Myotherapy Bayside Glenn will allow you to connect the dots very easily to identify the cause of your pain and or injury and will not only fix the symptoms but will ensure you are provided with every possibility to ensure the symptoms never return. This includes the additional service of directing you to products that provide you with solutions that promote an efficient functioning body.