What will the treatment be?

All the treatment option at Myotheapy Bayside are natural and non-invasive, The treatment plan is discussed with you and based on what condition you may present can influence whether one treatment option may provide a better solution than another. WE work together with you to ensure you are receiving the best treatment service to ensure […]

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing – you may be asked to remove some layers of clothing to get access to the injured area or region responsible for your pain.

How many sessions will I need?

The first session is an initial assessment, that allows a specific treatment plan to be discussed with you. For most types of injuries you normally only need about three sessions to get the pain and or injury under control, where at this point the focus is then on prevention and maintenance, based on what your […]

Should I stop taking medication before getting any treatment?

It’s not advised to alter any prescribed medication without consulting your G.P. If you are taking over the counter medication don’t suddenly stop prior to your visit. We do extensive history and health examination so you can bring along your medications or at least a list of what your taking to your appointment if you […]